[Simnibs-discuss] Multiple tDCS simulations employing Lead-field

Jaimie Jobson (jj3g17) jj3g17 at soton.ac.uk
Thu Apr 14 17:15:24 CEST 2022


I’m an Msc student working on creating a neural network that is capable of predicting the magnitude of electric field at a given position/positions in the brain (tDCS). For this I’m using a 19 electrode cap. I need to be able to quickly and automatically find the electric field at a given position for a large combination of electrodes and positions. For example to predict the e field at a position created when two electrodes are switched on from the 19 electrode cap. However to accomplish this I need to be able to simulate hundreds if not thousands of combinations (depending on how many electrodes are switched on). Doing this by undertaking thousands of simulation would be extremely time consuming, however from my understanding I could very quickly find the E field at certain positions for many hundreds of electrode combinations by using the Lead-field of a head model. All information related to Lead-fields refers to optimization, however can it be used to predict the outcome of many simulations. If so how would I go about programming this.


Jaimie Jobson
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