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the explanation by Pascual-Leone you give at the end of your email is 
correct. However, the frequency of a single TMS pulse is ~ 3 to 7 kHz, 
which is high enough to induce currents that are strong enough to 
depolarize the membranes.

The 1-25 Hz refer to the frequency at which TMS pulses are then repeated 
to get neuromodulatory effects



On 3/23/2021 1:25 AM, 刘习杰 wrote:
> Dear friends,
> If you are familiar with it, please answer.
> Recently, I am studying the comparison between Transcranial Magnetic 
> Stimulation (TMS) and tDCS. The essence of TMS is the magnetic 
> modulation, is it right? Or is the essence of TMS the promotion of 
> blood flow by a magnetic field? So, like the magnetic field in MRI, 
> the magnetic field force rotatations of all electrons in the same 
> direction?
> Or does TMS work by inducting electric fields and currents? But the 
> frequency of TMS is only 1-25 Hz.
> There's an explanation, saying TMS is delivered to the brain by 
> passing a strong brief electrical current through an insulated wire 
> coil placed on the skull. This rapid phasic current flow generates a 
> transient magnetic field, which propagates in space and in turn 
> induces a secondary current in the brain that is capable of 
> depolarising neurons if the coil is held over the subject’s head 
> (Pascual-Leone et al., 2002).
> Thanks and Bests,
> Jesse
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