[Simnibs-discuss] [tACS] multi electrodes montage

LAURENT TORLAY laurent.torlay at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
Thu Sep 17 15:36:31 CEST 2020

Thank you fo developping SimNibs software ! 
I have a newbie question about tACS (I already did tDCS simulations and experiments). 
First, I use Neuroelectrics (NE) device and, with their software, I have the possibility to have several "input" electrodes with different phases and only one return electrode if needed. 
In Simnibs, the GUI is designed fo tDCS but I understood that the results can be extrapolated to tACS for low frequencies (that's our case : around 10 Hz). 
So the question is : if I am happy with the result of a 2 + 1 montage by using CP3 and P5 (at -1 mA) and P1 (at +2mA) with PI electrodes in a tDCS perspective...how to translate this in terms of tACS parameters ? 
For example, can I manage this with phase difference but with same amplitude or half ? What is exactly the role of return electrodes in tACS ? 
Thanks in advance, 
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