[Simnibs-discuss] coil positioning in simnibs 3.2.6

Clayton E Curtis clayton.curtis at nyu.edu
Fri Apr 15 19:12:59 CEST 2022


I just wanted to add a couple of details here.  We are using Brainsight to
acquire the Coil Position, and that looks spot on. But we are interested in
correctly orienting the coil before running the model. The documentation
was rather sparse here.

Also, Grace is alluding the fact that when we make changes to the Reference
Coordinates, it makes changes to the Coil Position.  Not sure what this is

Thanks for your help!


On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 12:48 PM Grace Hallenbeck <geh261 at nyu.edu> wrote:

> Dear simnibs crew,
> Hello! My name is Grace Hallenbeck and I'm a post-doc working with Clay
> Curtis (cc'ed here) at NYU. We're interested in using simnibs to model the
> effects of TMS and today we've been trying to correctly position the coil
> orientation in the simnibs gui but are having some difficulty.
> We have a coordinate of interest that we're plugging in for the x,y,z
> 'Position' fields. But we're unclear on the best way to work with the
> 'Direction Reference' coordinates, which is what we think controls the coil
> orientation. In the screenshot below, I've plugged in the same x,y,z coords
> as in 'Position', but this has the coil handle (as I understand, 180 deg
> opposite the green line) pointing slightly off the coil orientation we
> actually applied TMS at with this subject (what we are attempting to
> model).
> So our question is: how can we finely modulate the coil orientation,
> keeping the 'Position' x,y,z coords constant? We would greatly appreciate
> any help on this as we're getting a publication ready and hope to include
> some modeling results.
> [image: Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 12.32.29 PM.png]
> All the best & thanks for your work,
> Grace Hallenbeck
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