[Simnibs-discuss] Skin and bone segmentation layers too thick in young subjects

Helen Carlson Helen.Carlson at albertahealthservices.ca
Thu Sep 9 01:11:51 CEST 2021

Hello SimNIBS experts
Thank-you for the wonderful tool. I have run headreco on a cohort of children (aged between 6-19 years of age) with T1 and T2 images in the hopes of modeling tDCS current density. I have found that the skin segmentation layer is protruding outside of the skull all the way around the head. Also, the bone segmentation layer includes the skin. This issue seems to be worse the younger the children are (6-12 years). I suspect this is because of their very thin skulls and skin. I have tried using headreco all --cat and headreco all --no-cat and it makes very little difference, the skin is still too thick to be accurate for modeling. The older children seem to look better (>13 years old). Do you have any other ideas I can try? I can manually edit the skin and bone layers in ITKSnap but was hoping for a more automated (and less subjective) option.
Thank-you in advance for your help

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