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Axel Thielscher axelt at drcmr.dk
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Dear Giacomo,

to make sure we understand correctly: You only  want to optimize the 
coil orientation, but keep the center position fixed?

How different is the last column? Small shifts can occur because the 
position is aligned to the closest skin node at some parts of the code 
(we will change this behavoir at some point in the future).

Best regards,


On 7/16/2021 6:48 PM, Giacomo Bertazzoli wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am facing the problem of comparing the coil orientation extracted 
> after an e-field simulation (position matrix in the log file) with the 
> coil orientation suggested after the TMS optimization procedure 
> available on simNIBS. However I noticed a discrepancy between the coil 
> center projected by simNIBS during the e-field simulation (simNIBS 
> infers the coil center automatically when I input a cortical target) 
> and the one given as final output by the TMS optimization, even if I 
> provide as input both the coil center and the cortical target.
> What I am trying to obtain from the TMS optimization is a 
> position matrix that has the last column (coil center) identical to 
> the one I get after the e-field simulation.
> Has someone already faced this problem? Do you have any suggestions?
> Thank you for your great support,
> All the very best,
> Giacomo
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