[Simnibs-discuss] Meshfix error in SimNIBS-3.2.3

Tayeb Zaidi tayebzaidi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 02:30:21 CEST 2021


    I've been working to use SimNIBS-3.2 to generate head segmentation for
several subjects from the Human Connectome Project. When running "mri2mesh
--all subjectnumber T1w.nii T2w.nii" I successfully finish recon-all from
Freesurfer and then the mri2mesh script raises an error when creating the
subcortical mask. The exact error is:
mris_convert ./opticrad_FS.fsmesh ./opticrad_FS.stl

subcortical_FS.stl -a 2.0 --remove-handles -q -o subcortical.off

ERROR- fseek
failed.error code 255

It seems like there is an error within meshfix.  In a prior thread on this
mailing list (
this issue was raised and it wasn't clear if there was a resolution. I have
looked at the subcortical_FS.stl file and it looks like how I would expect
in a mesh viewer.
I am running these commands on a T5810 workstation with Ubuntu 20.04
Is there any solution to this issue?

Tayeb Zaidi
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