[Simnibs-discuss] Dirty workaround for simNIBS 3.2.1 issues with Mac OS X Big Sur

Kristoffer Madsen kristofferm at drcmr.dk
Tue Nov 24 19:18:56 CET 2020

Currently simNIBS 3.2.1 fails due to several changes in the Mac OS X
Big Sur, for the moment an extremely ugly fix is provided below:

1) Run the install normally - then wait until it stalls, kill the
python process - choose let files stay.
(for killing python you can check the pid in a terminal using top,
then write kill pid, where pid is the number from top)

Then run silent install in a terminal:
2) /Users/user/Applications/SimNIBS-3.2/simnibs_env/bin/postinstall_simnibs"
-d  /Users/user/Applications/SimNIBS-3.2 --copy-matlab --setup-links
--no-extra-coils --silent --force
(where user is replaced with your user name)

There will then still be an OpenGL error which prevents the gui from
starting because the location of openGL has changed in Big Sur.
3) To fix that you can edit PyOpenGL file
changing line:
    fullName = util.find_library( name )
    fullName = '/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/OpenGL'

We would very much appreciate reports on any remaining issues, while
we work on a more permanent fix.

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