[Simnibs-discuss] normE values in MNI space

Jane Tan Jane.Tan at murdoch.edu.au
Thu Mar 19 06:06:09 CET 2020

Hi SimNIBS Team,

I found some negative values in my nifti volume for normE in MNI space, and I thought something must have gone awry during the segmentation process for my head mesh (created using headreco (with cat) on a MNI152 T1-weighted image).  However, the head mesh looks okay when I checked it with gmsh. The headreco_log doesn't seem to indicate any issues either - at least not to my untrained eye. I do not have access to freeview, and couldn't do a proper check via headreco.

I'm also wondering if it might be due to normE not being very accurate as a result of registration to the MNI template?

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to provide my head mesh and segmentation results if that would be of any help.

best regards,

Best regards,


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