[Simnibs-discuss] How to run TACs stimulation in SimNIBS

Guilherme B Saturnino guilhermebs at drcmr.dk
Tue Mar 10 17:48:16 CET 2020


To simulate tACS in SimNIBS, we take advantage of the fact that the 
temporal component of the field and the spatial component of the field 
are independent. This means that you can just simulate a tDCS field and 
that will also tell you how a TACS field will be distributed in the 
brain. Please see:


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On 10/03/2020 14.08, xiaxzhao at mail.ustc.edu.cn wrote:
> Hello!
>    Although I have searched the issues of TACS stimulation in simNIBS, 
> and I know why it could work in simNIBS. I still cannot find any 
> instruction on how to perform TACS in simNIBS, can I get any 
> instruction of how to perform TACS in GUI or in scripts?
>    Any further replay is appreciated, thanks a lot and have a nice day.
> Best, Xinzhao
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