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You can script SimNIBS simulations in matlab or python 
Or you can open the ".mat" files in matlab, octave, or python and modify 

The "scalar", "vn", "dir" and "mc" refers to different conductivity 
models  (see *anisotropy_type* in 
Unless you have a strong need to account for tissue conductivity 
anisotropy effects, we recommend you use the "scalar" conductivity model 
(that is isotropic conductivity, no DTI data required). If you want to 
incorporate tissue conductivity anisotropy (requires DTI data), we 
recommend you use the "vn" model. The other two are there in a more 
experimental capacity.

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On 05/07/2020 01.41, du t. (td5u19) wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a junior learner of simNIBS, and I used the command line tool 
> simnibs ernie_simu.mat to do the simulation and I get three simulation 
> results. My question is how to modify the mat file to do more 
> simulation automatically, and what’s the meaning of the three output 
> file TDCS_1_scalar, TDCS_2_dir and TDCS_3_vn?
> Best regards
> Tianyu Du
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