[Simnibs-discuss] How to get the normal and tangential electric field intensity on the brain using simNIBS?

Guilherme Saturnino guilhermebs at drcmr.dk
Mon Jan 13 18:48:19 CET 2020

On 1/13/20 14:46, Guilherme Saturnino wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks a lot for your interest in SimNIBS!
> Normal and tangential fields are calculated when the field is 
> interpolated to the cortical surface. To do it, just check the 
> "interpolate to cortical surface" box in Edit->Simulation Options.
> Best Regards,
> Guilherme
> On 1/13/20 12:31, weisheep at mail.ustc.edu.cn wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I start to using simNIBS to simulate in tDCS. As the page at simNIBS 
>> said, the normal section of the electric field on the brain is 
>> important in tDCS. So I am trying to get the normal and the 
>> tangential electric field on the brain. How to get these in the 
>> simNIBS software? Is there an option for the normal electric field? I 
>> notice there is "vector E", "norm E" and "current intensity" options, 
>> but nothing related to "normal". Or I can only export the vector E 
>> and the normal vector of surfaces of brain, then get it myself? If 
>> the simNIBS has a way to do it, could anyone give me an example or 
>> command to achieve it?
>> Thank you very much.
>> Bests.
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>> Zhang Wei
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>> University of Science and Technology of China
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