[Simnibs-discuss] How to get the normal and tangential electric field intensity on the brain using simNIBS?

weisheep at mail.ustc.edu.cn weisheep at mail.ustc.edu.cn
Mon Jan 13 16:31:28 CET 2020

I start to using simNIBS to simulate in tDCS. As the page at simNIBS said, the normal section of the electric field on the brain is important in tDCS. So I am trying to get the normal and the tangential electric field on the brain. How to get these in the simNIBS software? Is there an option for the normal electric field? I notice there is "vector E", "norm E" and "current intensity" options, but nothing related to "normal". Or I can only export the vector E and the normal vector of surfaces of brain, then get it myself? If the simNIBS has a way to do it, could anyone give me an example or command to achieve it?
Thank you very much.


Zhang Wei
Life Science School
University of Science and Technology of China
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