[Simnibs-discuss] extracephalic montage models

Fabio Masina fabio.masina at unipd.it
Tue Feb 11 09:09:27 CET 2020

Thank you for your suggestion. I will follow your tip, by placing my
return electrode in the lower part of the neck.



Guilherme B Saturnino <guilhermebs at drcmr.dk> ha scritto:

> Dear Fabio,
> Thanks for the interest in SimNIBS!
> For modelling extracephalic electrodes, we recommend that you
> use/heardreco/ head models
> (https://simnibs.github.io/simnibs/build/html/documentation/command_line/headreco.html#headreco-docs), such as our example dataset Ernie, as those head models include the neck. By placing the electrode in the lower part of the neck, you can get a good approximation of the should
> placement.
> Best Regards,
> Guilherme
> On 10/02/2020 08.58, Fabio Masina wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> I'm interested in the NIBS fields, especially TMS and tDCS, and my
>> background is in psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Recently, I've
>> carried out a tDCS study comparing the behavioral effect of
>> High-Definition tDCS vs. classical tDCS. With the definition of
>> "classical" I mean a standard tDCS montage with two electrodes (25 cm2
>> each), where the anode was placed on C4 (accordingly to the 10-20
>> International System of EEG placement) and the return electrode on the
>> left shoulder.
>> To this concern, I'd like to model the electrical field of both the
>> montages used in my study but I don't know if there is the possibility
>> to do this modeling, by using the Simnibs, when the tDCS has an
>> extracephalic electrode, as in my case.
>> Have you some suggestions?
>> Best regards and congratulation on your excellent tool!
>> Fabio Masina
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