[Simnibs-discuss] extracephalic montage models

Fabio Masina fabio.masina at unipd.it
Mon Feb 10 08:58:13 CET 2020

Dear colleagues,

I'm interested in the NIBS fields, especially TMS and tDCS, and my
background is in psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Recently, I've
carried out a tDCS study comparing the behavioral effect of
High-Definition tDCS vs. classical tDCS. With the definition of
"classical" I mean a standard tDCS montage with two electrodes (25 cm2
each), where the anode was placed on C4 (accordingly to the 10-20
International System of EEG placement) and the return electrode on the
left shoulder.
To this concern, I'd like to model the electrical field of both the
montages used in my study but I don't know if there is the possibility
to do this modeling, by using the Simnibs, when the tDCS has an
extracephalic electrode, as in my case.
Have you some suggestions?

Best regards and congratulation on your excellent tool!

Fabio Masina

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