[Simnibs-discuss] E-field modelling using MNI coordinates of where TMS was applied

Oula Puonti oupu at dtu.dk
Fri Aug 28 15:25:31 CEST 2020

Hi Paul,

We have a command line tool called mni2subject_coords, which converts mni coordinates into the subject space.


If you type mni2subject_coords -h you'll get information on how to use the tool to convert specific coordinates instead of using .csv files.

You can then transform the coil positions that are in MNI space to the subject space, set the coil direction for each subject individually, and run the simulation.

In case you also have the direction in MNI space this can also be transformed to the subject space using the mni2subject_coords tool, but in this case

you need to create a .csv file with a specific CoilPos tag (see the help). Let us know if you need help with this.



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Dear SIMNIBS community,

I am new to SIMNIBS, so apologizes in advance for what may be an easy question.

In a TMS-EEG study, TMS was used on 4 cortical sites independently. The sites were targeted across all participants using the same MNI coordinates (acquired from the literature). However, I do not have the precise world coordinates of the coil. I only have the MNI coordinates that were targeted.

Because I do not have the world coordinates of where the TMS coil was located for each participant (nor the nearest targeted electrode), is E-field modelling with SIMNIBS still possible?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,
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