[Simnibs-discuss] Downsample surface

Huertas Penen, Silvana (UT-EEMCS) s.huertaspenen at utwente.nl
Tue Oct 18 07:45:42 CEST 2022


I need to have a headmesh in Simnibs with 16k vertices in the surface. This to be able to use the output of simnibs in TVB. What I did was to import the headmesh I did in Simnibs to Brainstorm and then downsample to 16k. Now I have the surface downsampled but I do not know how to input/merge this with the headmesh I made in SimNibs. Do you know how to do this?

Or if there is a method in simnibs to downsample the surface in the headmesh?

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