[Simnibs-discuss] How to simulate dual-site tACS with random phase shift?

Oula oulap at drcmr.dk
Tue Oct 11 15:13:33 CEST 2022

Hi Jinwen,

To get started please see this paper:


which goes through some specific examples of how to simulate tACS with 



On 9/10/22 05:37, Jinwen Wei wrote:
> Dear simNIBS experts and users,
> How to simulate the electric field during dual-site tACS with random 
> phase shift using simNIBS? I have seen dual-site tACS with phase shift 
> of 45°/135° could generate "traveling wave" electric field dynamics in 
> this study: Alekseichuk, I., Falchier, A. Y., Linn, G., Xu, T., 
> Milham, M. P., Schroeder, C. E., & Opitz, A. (2019). Electric field 
> dynamics in the brain during multi-electrode transcranial electric 
> stimulation. /Nature communications/, /10/(1), 1-10.
> However, I could only find a few hints about simulating electric field 
> generated by dual-site tACS by simNIBS, not to mention with random 
> phase shift. Could anyone tell me how to start?
> Best regards,
> Jinwen
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