[Simnibs-discuss] Adding Tissues in the leadfield question

Martin Bardhi martin.bardhi at ucalgary.ca
Wed May 18 19:51:19 CEST 2022

My name is Martin B and I am a university student researched using simNibs tDCS optimization feature for my project. When testing some of the functionality of the optimization scripts I found that if I include different tissues in the leadfield (CSF and skull surfaces for example (1003,1004) ) the resulting optimization will have different electrode placements (even when I then exclude these tissues from target.tissues().
I am a little confused as to what including these tissues in the leadfield does, as I initially thought it just meant that electric field would be recorded there but I have now found that it changes the optimization in some way. So, my question is: what does including different tissues in the leadfield do. And if I wanted to obtain an optimization that would be best reflective of real-world results, what tissues should I include (if any)?



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