[Simnibs-discuss] A question about SimNIBS on MacBook Pro with M1 Processors

Oula oulap at drcmr.dk
Mon Aug 29 07:19:37 CEST 2022

Hi Ghazaleh,

We have tested both SimNIBS 3 and SimNIBS 4 on a Mac M1. Both should 
work, but of course future operating system updates from Apple's side 
might cause additional glitches. Thus far we have managed to sort all of 
these out, so you should be fine, SimNIBS-wise, with an M1 Mac.


On 8/28/22 13:01, Ghazale Soleimani wrote:
> Dear Simnibs team,
> Most of my projects are based on SimNIBs and I want to buy a new 
> MacBookPro. I want to make sure whether SimNIBS is compatible with M1 
> processors. Have you tested SimNIBS on M1 processors? Any thoughts?
> Thank you for all of your support.
> Ghazaleh
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