[Simnibs-discuss] designing tms coil

Kristoffer Madsen kristofferm at drcmr.dk
Fri Apr 1 11:17:05 CEST 2022

Well, that depends on how you want to approach this - what information do
you have available? What was typically done for coils previously was to
construct a dipole approximation using knowledge of the winding geometry.
This is what you find in the ccd files, the 3 first columns indicate the
dipole position in meters (in the coil coordinate system - coil center at
0,0,0 and z towards the head) and the last 3 columns indicate the dipole
moments in x,y and z directions respectively (for a flat coil this would
typically imply that only the third is different from zero).
If you have detailed and somewhat dense measurements of the magnetic field
you can look into:
and the later dipole based approach:

On Fri, 25 Mar 2022 at 20:29, mostafa abd elsamea <autofixegypt at gmail.com>

> hello ,
> im trying to design a tms not in simnibs library,
> what is the tool should i use
> the second question is what is column name in the tms ccd file comes with
> simnibs
> thanks alot have a good day
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