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Hi Giacomo, 

your question is a bit vague. 
What exactly do you try to achieve? 
Are you using Softaxic? 
I am also playing a bit with the software output and how to feed it into matsimnibs at the moment. 
Maybe we could share some experience? 



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Dear Giacomo, 

The coordinate system used in Simnibs is defined as the first figure (left) in the attached pdf file. Please let me know if you need more information from us. 

Very best, 

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Dear all, 
We would like to know how the output affine transformation matrix (matsimnibs) is obtained when simulating the efield or when doing the coil optimization. In particular we do not understand if that matrix is the result of multiple rotations and in the case in which order they occur (we supposed z-x-y). We need this information because we are trying to assess the difference (in angle) between two coil positions. 
All the very best, 


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