[Simnibs-discuss] SIMNIBS optimization with Temporal Interference

DUMA Gian marco gian-marco.DUMA at univ-amu.fr
Tue Oct 5 16:43:03 CEST 2021

Dear SimNIBS experts, as you probably understood from the previous email we are trying to implement TI simulation exploiting the great work you did with the SIMNIBS toolbox. At the moment we have been able to introduce the oscillatory component by following the formula of the field you inserted in FAQ for the TACS namely E(t)=E0*sin*(2*pi*(f/t)). We computed that for the tetdata and the tridata, and we modified a bit the get_matTI function to include the time dimension. We obtain a sinusoidal modulation of the field and the TI looks ok. But let me ask you, does it sound correct to you?

Now our problem is to understand how to compute the best electrodes configuration to target a specific region with TI. We understood how to do that with the calculation of the leadfield and the tdcs_optimize, but it works only for the tdcs. Which approach would you suggest to try to solve our problem with the TI?

We thought: 'oh, maybe we could generate in some way a leadfield taking into account not the stimulation of each single electrodes but only two couple of electrodes', but what we need is the electric field derived from the TI envelope. Therefore my thought 'ok, may we could just iterate the computation of the TI for each possible of the 4 electrodes configuration. Then we select in a specific region the electric field value, and we compare it across the multiple configuration and in order to see which is the generating the strongest field in the target region'.

But actually we are not certain of which could be the best and most appropriate approach. What would you suggest us to do? Do you ever try to implement the leadfield and optimization approach to target a certain region with TI? If you have some code, or some approach you already tried, even if it is raw or temporary, please do not hesitate to share it. We can try to work on that and if we succeed we can make it public for everyone.

Thanks for your help

Gian Marco Duma
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