[Simnibs-discuss] Non-human mesh generation from .nii.gz label map

정찬영 chanyoungcheong at gm.gist.ac.kr
Mon May 3 10:19:53 CEST 2021


My name is Chanyoung Cheong and I am a student in Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology. Using headreco, I am trying to generate whole-body mesh from a mouse label map with .nii.gz extension, where intensities of GM voxels are all 2, CSF voxels are all 3, and so on. Binarized .nii.gz files of GM, CSF, bones, skins, and eyes are also manually prepared. Is there a way to generate FEM mesh from these data? Running "headreco all" with label map results in totally wrong segmentation (maybe because templates are based on humans) and several program errors.


Chanyoung Cheong
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