[Simnibs-discuss] Error With Meshfix

COLIN LEE MCNABB colin.mcnabb at utah.edu
Fri Jun 4 22:11:47 CEST 2021


I am an undergraduate student at the University of Utah, and I am attempting to build a head model from macaque brain MRI imaging. I am running my project on the HPC resources here; the input is

meshfix rh.gm.stl -o gm_fixed2.off

The output given almost immediately is

meshfix rh.gm.stl

ERROR- fseek /home/guilherme/simnibs_misc/meshfix/contrib/JMeshLib/src/MESH_STRUCTURE/io.cpp:1335 failed.

I saw a similar issue online (https://mailman.drcmr.dk/pipermail/simnibs-discuss/2020-May/000052.html) and was wondering if there was a known fix.
Please let me know if you need any additional information from me.
Thank you.

- Colin

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