[Simnibs-discuss] Working on a "generic" head model

Kris BAETENS Kris.Baetens at vub.be
Wed Jan 13 13:21:22 CET 2021

Dear SimNibs users,

I want to compare several tDCS montages and assess field strength in particular ROI's, on a "generic" head model, prior to actually starting the study. I thought the MNI152 example mesh could serve perfectly for this purpose. However, I struggle with some very beginner technical issues.

  *   Am I correct in assuming that this mesh is already in MNI space?
  *   "Transform to MNI space" under simulation options fails, supposedly because the m2m folder doesn't contain the necessary information?
  *   Similarly, the mni2subject_coords call in the example ROI script fails, again, I assume again because the m2m folder doesn't contain the necessary information? (I can get it to run without a problem on Ernie).
  *   Is it possible to calculate mean field strength in an anatomical (e.g., atlas-based) ROI, rather than using the sphere-based approach? (I wanted to approach this from a "masking" angle, but am unsure how to proceed, as I cannot transform the standard head simulation to MNI space).

Thank you very much for making this wonderful software and also making the tutorials publicly available on youtube!

Kind regards,
Kris Baetens

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