[Simnibs-discuss] mesh resolution

Oula Puonti oupu at dtu.dk
Fri Jan 8 08:41:05 CET 2021

Hi Nasireh,

If you call:

headreco all -h

you can see all the options and how to call them. For increasing the mesh density you should call:

headreco all -v 1.0 ernie org/ernie_T1.nii.gz org/ernie_T2.nii.gz

where 1.0 is nodes/mm^2.


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Hi ! I use SimNibs for my PhD thesis. The mesh resolution is great but I need some various mesh resolution. I used headreco<https://simnibs.github.io/simnibs/build/html/documentation/command_line/headreco.html#headreco-docs>
 to create mesh.

I used

headreco all ernie org/ernie_T1.nii.gz org/ernie_T2.nii.gz

 to create mesh. I know the mesh resolution can be changed  with -v < density >, but I don't know where it must be added in above command.

I would be very grateful for any help.

Best regards,

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