[Simnibs-discuss] Details about coil-to-cortex measurement

Mccalley, Daniel mccalled at musc.edu
Tue Dec 21 19:29:25 CET 2021

Hi all,

Could you provide some more information on the coil-to-cortex distance that is provided during efield modeling?

Does this distance represent a) the distance between the modeled stimulation site and the nearest point on the cortex directly under that site, or b) the shortest distance between the stimulation and the nearest point on the cortex near the stimulation site?

In other words, does this distance come from drawing a straight line under the coil until the cortex is reached, or is the line a diagonal such that the distance to a closer, neighboring part of the cortex is measured?


Dan McCalley
Medical University of South Carolina
College of Graduate Studies, Neuroscience

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