[Simnibs-discuss] Question about BCs and getting nodal potentials

Hassan Yazdanian hasyaz at dtu.dk
Tue Dec 21 14:26:49 CET 2021


I am trying y to compare the result obtained by SimNIBS with that one calculated by FEniCS (https://fenicsproject.org/) for a tDCS simulation. For this purpose, I have imported .msh file generated by a SimNIBS simulation into FEniCS. I have used the spherical model provided in SimNIBS dataset. Now, I have two questions:

1-      How can I get the electrical potentials of nodes and corresponding nodal coordinates? In earlier versions of SimNIBS, I used "v = fem.tdcs_getdp". I was wondering if there is a similar command in SimNIBS 3.2.

2-      About applying boundary condition, as I understood, SimNIBS uses a constant potential on electrodes (Say -1 on Cathode and 0 on Anode). After solving the FEM system of equations, then potentials are scaled to reach the given current set for electrodes ( I mean we know the potential on 2101 and 1501 surfaces, both side of Anode, and we know the conductivity of the electrode, 29.4 S/m, then we can determine the current passing through the electrode). Am I right?

Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance!

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