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Hi Emerson,

Simnibs does not provide automated tools for generating tissue segmentations from porcine heads.
However, if you are able to generate a segmentation into white matter, gray matter, CSF, skull and scalp, I can generate a FEM mesh for running the simulations.


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Aihe: [Simnibs-discuss] Non-Human Mesh Inquiry


My name is Emerson Sheets and I am working on a senior design project for the University of South Carolina utilizing SimNIBS to create a head mesh from a porcine MRI file. My group is running into difficulties where the headreco function is compressing our volumes of a porcine MRI to mimic that of a human. Is there any way to mitigate the headreco function from automatically conforming the porcine head to a human head by a command, boundary conditions, or some other means?

Emerson Sheets

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