[Simnibs-discuss] Benefit of including diffusion tensors inmodeling?

Oula oulap at drcmr.dk
Mon Apr 12 13:05:57 CEST 2021

Hi Daniel, 

Sorry for the late reply.

Our Group has published one paper on this:


Long story short, it does have an effect mostly in the White matter and the size of the effect depends on the coil orientation (for TMS).
For gray matter the effect is not that large.


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Aihe: [Simnibs-discuss] Benefit of including diffusion tensors inmodeling?

Hi all, 

I think you may have published on this question, so feel free to forward the literature if that's easier -- but you find there to be a substantial difference in efield models when diffusion tensors are included in the modeling? 



Dan McCalley 
Medical University of South Carolina
College of Graduate Studies, Neuroscience

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