[Simnibs-discuss] Modelling iDCMS

Vighneshvel Thiruppathi Vighneshvel.Thiruppathi at lin-magdeburg.de
Thu Oct 29 12:35:22 CET 2020

Dear simNIBS,

          My name is Vighnesh and I am a graduate student at Prof. Michael Brosch’s lab. We have been working on intracranial direct current macrostimulation (iDCMS) in macaque auditory cortex and were wondering if we could model the spatial spread of DC-induced electric field. I found tutorials on TMS & tDCS in your website but couldn’t find anything on iDCMS. Could you please let me know if we can model iDCMS? If so, how? Any assistance is highly appreciated.

         Looking forward to your email!

Vighnesh Thiruppathi,
Primate Neurobiology Lab,
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology,
39118 – Magdeburg.
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