[Simnibs-discuss] Method for assessing STC distance

Oula Puonti oupu at dtu.dk
Mon Oct 19 08:28:49 CEST 2020

Hi Dan,

It's actually the coil-to-cortex distance that SimNIBS writes out. The distance is calculated from the center of the coil to the closest point on the cortex.

If you want to calculate the scalp-to-cortex distance you can just set the coil to head surface distance to zero in the simulations.



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Hi all,

I was wondering if you could share a little more information about how SIMNIBs calculates scalp-to-cortex distance (perhaps this is published somewhere?). Is the measurement made by calculating the shortest distance from the EEG site to the outermost point of the cortex? Or perhaps it's the distance from the EEG site to the deepest sulcus?

I've calculated this distance at FP1 by hand a few times and my hand measurements seem to be quite different than the automatic SIMNIBs output so I'm trying to learn more about why these measurement are so different.


Dan McCalley
Medical University of South Carolina
College of Graduate Studies, Neuroscience

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