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Axel Thielscher axelt at drcmr.dk
Tue Dec 22 10:52:18 CET 2020

Dear JS,

in gmsh: You can look at the results in the gray matter and white matter 
volumes in gmsh. Please see notes on "Visibility" on 
and select element numbers 1 and 2 for white and gray matter. Once this 
is shown, you can cut it as you like (see "Clipping" on 

gmsh is very flexible, but has some initial learning curve.

Alternatively, you can select "Interpolate to a nifiti volume" when you 
set up a simulation (see 
https://simnibs.github.io/simnibs/build/html/tutorial/gui.html). Then, 
the results will be also saved as nifti-files in the subfolder 
"subject_volumes" of each simulation and you can use any nifti-viewer to 
look at your results.

Best regards,



On 12/20/2020 2:19 AM, 刘习杰 wrote:
> Hello SIMNIBS community,
> I wished I could let the EF go deeper in brain when I design new coils 
> for TMS . I check the design with SIMNIBS but do not know how to find 
> computed result except in the gray matter area. Would you help to tell 
> how to show the result in deeper area? Is there a way to display in 
> cross section? Or which is the numerical result file which I could 
> import and display with Matlab?
> Thanks,
> JS
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