[Simnibs-discuss] I wished to apply SIMNIBS when I put electrodes inside a skull.

刘习杰 3231937959 at qq.com
Sat Dec 19 16:12:33 CET 2020

Hi Oula and all SIMNIBS community,

Thank you for taking time to reply my last email.

1) When I say under the skull, I mean I wished put  electrodes inside skull, or intra-cranial electrodes.  We can reduce current if electrodes are put into skull. I hope I could compare their  EF on the scalp vs inside skull. 

2) I also wish to apply  SIMNIBS for Deep brain stimulation (DBS) simulation. In this case, electrodes are also inside a skull.

If SIMNIBS does not allow electrodes sitting inside a skull, will you have a plan to update SIMNIBS to meet this new need? and When, if you will have the plan.  If you will not do it, will you like to give me some suggestions so that I could follow your sugestion to update?

Your reply are great helps. 

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