[Simnibs-discuss] Installation Issue

Oula Puonti oupu at dtu.dk
Wed Dec 16 08:19:19 CET 2020

Hi Lorenzo,

Can you give a few more details, namely:

- Which operating system are you using?

- When you say "trying to generate the FEM mesh in Brainstorm" do you mean that you're trying to call SimNIBS through brainstorm?

It seems that the system path does not include SimNIBS. There's no specific location SimNIBS needs to be installed, but the system path needs to be updated so the installation can be found.



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I have completed the SimNibs installation but when trying to generate the FEM mesh in Brainstorm, I get the following error:

SimNIBS is not installed or not added to the system path etc.

Is there a specific destination where the simnibs_env folder should be in?

Thank you for your help,


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